Professional Associations background

Professional Associations background

Professional Associations

Membership in a professional association is a source of pride and achievement. As the industry leader in the production of paper credentials, we recognize the value in offering a certificate that your members can proudly display. However, many exploit your association’s name by falsely claiming affiliation without active membership.

CeCredential Trust has partnered with associations to expand their offerings by creating digital certificates that can be verified by the ultimate authority—you, the issuing organization.

Provide more value to your members

  • More exposure for your members by being able to share their credential with anyone.
  • Members can add their credential to professional networking sites as well as their organization’s webpage.
  • Allows your members to quickly assert their membership, providing them an advantage over their competition.

Real-time ability to control membership status

  • Rescind or expire any certificate at any time, protecting your association’s integrity.
  • Real-time validation gives your members an incentive to renew, improving your revenue stream.

Digital Distribution

  • Quick and easy delivery of your association’s credentials to anyone, anywhere in the world.
  • A cost-effective addition to the paper certificate.

To learn more about how the CeCredential can help you protect your organization, please call 1-800-373-6876.

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