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Virtual Patent Marking Notice by CeCredential Trust

The following products are protected by patents in the U.S. and elsewhere for CeCredential Trust, a Division of Paradigm, Inc. This website is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions including the virtual patent marking provisions of the America Invents Act and provide notice under 35 U.S.C. §287(a). The following list of products and patents may not be all inclusive. For example, some products listed here may be covered by patents in the United States and elsewhere that are not listed, and other products not listed here may be protected by one or more patents in the United States and elsewhere. The following list of products may be covered by one or more of the following U.S. Patents:


By using any of the CeCredential Trust (“CeCredential Trust,” “we,” “us,” and “our”) Marks (as defined below), colleges, universities, and partners (“you”) of CeCredential Trust goods and services hereby agree to fully comply with the following trademark use guidelines, and understand and acknowledge that your use of such trademarks is expressly conditioned upon your agreement and compliance.


CeCredential Trust owns the following trademarks, each registered in the United States and elsewhere:

    • CeDiploma
    • CeCertificate
    • CeDiD
    • CeCredential Trust
    • CeDiploma Trust
    • and Checkmark DesignCheckmark Design(“Checkmark Design”)

The following unregistered marks

    • CeCredential
    • CeD
    • TruSeal
    • DirectShip
    • MyReorder
    • MyHold
    • as well as other trademarks that it may use from time to time in connection with its business (collectively, the “Marks”). All advertising and promotional materials containing the Marks and/or CeCredential Trust goods and services must strictly adhere to these guidelines and any other guidelines provided by us.
    • You must depict all Marks only according to CeCredential Trust guidelines regarding uniform size, style, color and font (if applicable).
    • You must include the federal ® symbol to the upper right of any registered Marks in any marketing or promotional materials, including on any websites advertising CeCredential Trust goods or services (e.g., CeDiploma®). In print, you only need to use the ® symbol once per page, such as in the headline or top of the page, unless is it a short brochure. You do not need to use the ® within the text or content if you have already referred to the Mark previously with the ®. On websites, you may only need to use the symbol with the Marks once per web page, such as in the headline or on the top of the page.
    • All references to unregistered CeCredential Trust trademarks or slogans, including CeD, CeCredential Trust, TruSeal, DirectShip, etc. must include “TM” as a superscript to the upper right of the slogan or mark (e.g., CeD®).
    • Always use CeCredential Trust Marks as adjectives, not as nouns, verbs or gerunds. The use of marks in text should be immediately followed by a noun to promote proper trademark use.
      • Proper: We will email your CeDiploma® brand diploma within 5 days.
      • Improper: We will email your CeDiplomas® within 5 days.
    • You may not use the Marks, or confusingly similar variations thereof, in conjunction with any other trademark, company name, trade name, service mark, logo, word or variation without CeCredential Trust’s written permission. You may not register the Marks or any confusingly similar variations thereof in your own name in any jurisdiction.
    • You may use the Marks solely to refer to or identify CeCredential Trust or its goods or services, provided that you have the necessary authority to sell or promote CeCredential Trust goods or services, and your use of the Marks does not create a false sense or impression that you or any of your goods or services, are affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by CeCredential Trust.
    • The Marks may not appear larger or more prominent than your company and/or product names on any printed or electronic materials, web pages, or communications.
    • You may not make non-referential use of the Marks, such as use for purely decorative purposes, absent express written permission from CeCredential Trust.
    • You may not license use of the Marks to, or approve use of the Marks by, any third party.
    • You may not do anything that impairs or weakens CeCredential Trust’s ownership rights in the Marks or the validity, value or goodwill associated with any of the Marks. If you become aware of any use of the Marks or confusingly similar variations thereof by any unauthorized person or entity, you will promptly send us notice of such unauthorized use and help us to prohibit or suppress such unauthorized use. You will not challenge or attack CeCredential Trust’s ownership interest in the Marks in any jurisdiction. All uses of the Marks shall inure to CeCredential Trust’s benefit.
    • You understand and acknowledge that CeCredential Trust is sole owner of the Marks, and may monitor your use of the Marks from time to time to ensure compliance with these and any other guidelines.
    • You should provide attribution of ownership of the CeCredential Trust Marks. For example:
      • CeCredential Trust®, CeDiploma®, CeCertificate® and CeDiD® are registered trademark of CeCredential Trust, a Division of Paradigm, Inc.
      • CeCredential™ and TruSeal™ are trademarks of CeCredential Trust, a Division of Paradigm, Inc.

CeCredential Trust reserves the right: to, in its sole discretion: object to any uses of the Marks that do not comply with these and any other guidelines, or otherwise determine that you have not fully complied with such guidelines; withdraw its consent to the use of the Marks at any time and for any reason; and/or to modify these and any other guidelines at any time, such modifications being effective upon providing written notice to you.

Last Update: October 20, 2017

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