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HR professionals are acutely aware that prospective candidates do not always accurately represent themselves during the hiring process.

Credential fraud is a multibillion-dollar worldwide criminal enterprise. Each year, countless job seekers present phony diplomas and certificates to obtain positions for which they are not qualified. Falsified documents often look genuine, even to experienced hiring managers, and have damaged reputations and resulted in costly litigation.

CeCredential Trust has partnered with universities and colleges across the United States to eradicate credential fraud. A CeCredential cannot be forged or refuted, providing peace of mind to the hiring process.

  • A CeCredential is irrefutable proof of an individual’s qualification.
  • A unique code allows employers to independently authenticate the credential’s validity with the issuing institution.
  • Validation response provides real-time, time and date stamped guarantee that the qualification is official and has not been revoked.
  • A document that employers can quickly understand without all the detail of a transcript.
  • Secured using Adobe digital signature technology, tamper-evident software, ensuring trust in the qualifications.
  • The CeCredential is accepted by employers, the United States’ Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB), state licensing board in the United States, and governments around the world.

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