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Credential fraud is a multibillion-dollar worldwide criminal enterprise. The prevalence of state-of-the-art printing resources allows fraudsters to replicate official documents down to the affixed stamp, seal and signatures. The result is a realistic-looking document that can fool even the expert eye. Accidental acceptance of a falsified credential may carry staggering consequences, evidenced by repeated instances of public officials caught in diploma fraud scandals.

CeCredential Trust has partnered with universities, colleges and other institutions across the United States to eradicate credential fraud and offer a secure alternative to the Apostille process.

  • A CeCredential is irrefutable proof of an individual’s qualification.
  • A unique code allows Governments to independently authenticate the credential’s validity with the issuing institution.
  • Validation response provides real-time guarantee that the qualification is official and has not been revoked.
  • Digitally signed using Adobe Certified Document Services to ensure that the document has not been altered since its creation.
  • The CeCredential is accepted by the United States’ Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB), state licensing boards in the United States, and governments around the world.

To learn more about CeCredential Trust, call 1-800-373-6876 today.